Yass Beltran: “Captain Michel character is now born”

Yass Beltran: “Captain Michel character is now born”
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17 August 2022
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His full name is Yasmany Beltrán. He was born in Pina, Ciego de Avila province. He comes from a so wonderful family, that we could not expect anything less from this noble and restless young man.


Are you the youngest in Tras la Huella’s cast? I believe so. He introduces himself as “the fitness boy,” after he described each of his co-workers. Even though he was the last to join this team, he knew how to give and receive love and earn his own space:


“Young actors is the new kid in town and people put high expectations on you. The first season went south as the character did not shine as I would love to, as he barely was on screen. I showed my disappointment and said I was going to quit if this situation was not reversed. Thanks God, I am ready. I am healthy. I believe I am handsome and the idea is to make the most out of all these. The script was reorganized and I was finally given the chance to make my character shine bright.”


So…We can see now the actual Michel, the true one…


Yes, Captain Michel will shine bright. From now on, my character takes off. This is my season.


But tell us, how did you get into Tras la Huella?


After Perdomo’s retirement. They needed to shoot a new season soon and the cast was shaky. I did not expect it. But they called me at home and I was invited to the MININT’s film space. I thought I was just going to shoot just one episode, and when I got there, I was told no, that I was going to stay in the TV series for a while. And then I was asked if I was available. I said I was recording a soap opera and had a movie pending. If they waited for me, I could do the character.


If you could transform Michel, what will you change?


If I could do so, I will make him more humane. You know, each episode lasts around 50 minutes to tell a story that is not yours. It is about an operative group, a group that solves cases. If I could, I would tell more about the human part of Michel. That is, introduce Michel the human being who happens to be a police officer. I would do it, of course, so that people identify themselves with MININT’s officials, the people who are part of it, and see they are people with a family, who leave their home every day to work, “to fight,” and that they put on a uniform because professional life is about that.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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