World Salt Awareness Week a health challenge for Cuba

World Salt Awareness Week a health challenge for Cuba
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13 May 2024
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Cuba begins World Salt Awareness Week on Monday with a reminder from local health authorities that, according to WHO/PAHO standards, the Cuban population is a high salt consumption.

Cuban health experts inform that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) recommend a salt intake of less than five grams per day, which, according to recent estimates, is twice as high in Cuba.

Although salt facilitates digestion, maintains the body’s fluid levels, allows the transmission of nerve impulses, and intervenes in muscular activity, its improper use can have harmful effects, leading to diseases such as arterial hypertension.

Since 2006, the WHO and PAHO have declared the third week of May to unite international efforts to prevent risk to human health from excessive salt intake. The date, which takes place this year from May 13 to 19, aims to raise awareness among the population in reducing salt consumption to prevent diseases, especially heart illnesses.

Experts from WHO and PAHO warn that salt is found in a high percentage of all foods we consume, “but it is not usually seen,” which makes its excessive use in the daily diet quite common.

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