World Health Assembly to focus on future pandemics

World Health Assembly to focus on future pandemics
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9 November 2020
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The World Health Organization (WHO) will resume virtually its 73rd Assembly in Geneva on Monday, focused on a draft resolution that strengthens preparations for future pandemics.

Covid-19 solutions from science and international solidarity, and not to go back on the health goals set before the novel coronavirus emerged, are among the messages to this meeting, scheduled until November 14.

During the Assembly, two kinds of meetings are held with different purposes, the first of which is the sessions of the committees to debate technical and health matters, financial and management issues, and approve the texts of the resolutions, which then will be discussed.

On the other hand, the plenary committees bring together all delegates to hear reports and adopt the resolutions conveyed by the committees.

Every year, WHO senior health officials travel to Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the World Assembly, but in 2020, the meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19.

However, as on every previous occasion, participants will review the work done by the World Health Organization, and new goals and tasks will be set for the future.

During the first virtual session of the 73rd World Assembly, held in May, WHO state members adopted a series of resolutions to promote global public health.

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