Without Control, the Equation will Result: Fresh or Salt Water = Coronavirus Positive

Without Control, the Equation will Result: Fresh or Salt Water = Coronavirus Positive
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3 July 2020
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The early days of July are here, and the suffocating heat of these months, of course, come year after year.

Furthermore, the meteorological situation exacerbated by the arrival of the Sahara dust, which rises temperatures, recreates this scenario of scorching sun and unpleasant sweats, typical of the summer season and specifically of Cuba, due to its geographical position in the Caribbean.

Of course, on this island, with the beautiful beaches, a good solution to calm down is to take a good dip in the nearest beach, like Santa María, Guanabo or Varadero, for those who live in the western side of Cuba.

There are those who have the option of swimming in the river, the lake or the closer dam.

Others, the inflatable pool, or the rental pools that offer this service.

Between the heat and the confinement due to the pandemic, which the best psychology manuals can no longer manages to control the boredom and restlessness of children, the first thought that comes to mind is a day at the beach or small waterfall.

Either on drinkable or salt water, what’s imminent is the water to get rid of that desperate sensation of heat for a few minutes.

However, some people may not notice it, but let’s remember this summer is not like the previous ones.

Life changed for everyone, and from this moment on, we must perpetuate life styles, and hygiene for the good of humanity.

Sars-CoV-2 has been under scientific research for a short period of time and much remains to be investigated about the virus itself and its spread.

As imperative as it sounds for some readers, for Havana residents, the possibility of bathing right now, on the beach or the river, has yet to seem like a dream to fulfill, even for those who have the chance of having private transportation and drive to other locations.

There are plenty of examples worldwide of outbreaks due to the irresponsible behavior of a single person who violates safety rules and puts hundreds of lives at risk.

It’d be very sad to throw away all the effort the country has made, even more so with the situation we suffered due to the hostility of an economic, commercial and financial blockade more exacerbated in recent weeks by the United States government.

It’s much more than the provision of medical supply, transportation, food, and the endless hours worked by health, security and collaborators; it’s the great weight on the shoulders of caring for so many human lives.

To the residents of the provinces who can already enjoy beaches, the authorities advise not to let your guard down regarding risk perception and to keep social distance.

Although science has revealed that both fresh water in swimming pools, as long as they keep the right concentration of chlorine, as well as sea water, do not represent a risk of contagion, the saturation of beaches and the agglomeration of people, crammed, especially in places like these, where it’s very unlikely that swimmers wear the surgical masks, the risk is high.

We must also keep in mind that the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research recently issued a report clarifying that the chances of infection are greater in freshwater environments such as rivers, lakes, or waters with little circulation.

For the control of the transmission of the new coronavirus and the health of many, the scientific community advise against the use of these environments.

As the saying goes, "a stich in time saves nine", it’s better to act consciously and think in the long term, putting our actions on the table in the face of unpleasant future scenarios that could come.


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