Voices in Belgium defend peace and stability in Cuba

Voices in Belgium defend peace and stability in Cuba
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16 November 2021
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Solidarity Belgians and Cubans living in this European country continued today their call on social networks to leave the island in peace, in the face of an escalation in the aggressiveness of the United States.

Under the slogan Cuba Vive, members of associations such as Cubanismo.be and the Friends of Cuba in Belgium, together with individuals, affirmed that the Island deserves a calm return to normalcy, because it represents a country of peace and solidarity.

“Enough with pressures” and “Cuba lives in the hearts of men and women of good will” were some of the video messages, in the midst of Washington’s crusade to encourage and finance destabilizing actions, with the call for protests as a spearhead.

Cubans living in Belgium also repudiated the hostility unleashed against their homeland, with a call not to play along with the pretensions and interference of the U.S. government.

“Cuba is in my heart”, “Cuba deserves to laugh, sing, party”, “We defend Cuba because it is hope”, “Cuba lives and embraces”, “When I say Cuba, I say brotherhood, humanity, solidarity and love”, “No more hate, lots of love” and “love and revolution”, stood out among the messages.

The European Left party, which is present in the European Parliament, demanded Washington to stop its aggressions against Cuba, which it is considered an example of resistance and determination, and also rejected the US blockade .

Despite the failure of protests called for yesterday, the broad popular support for the Revolution in Cuba and the international rejection of the new campaign for regime change, U.S. government spokespersons maintained their hostile discourse.


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