Vigil: A Minute of Silence, Always with Us

Vigil: A Minute of Silence, Always with Us
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14 May 2022
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At nine o'clock last night, Cuba was all silence, a candlelight... a tear.


That was probably one of the most intense moments of the Vigil with which the entire country paid tribute to the victims of the accident at Saratoga hotel.

Although the Parque de la Fraternidad was the official space for remembrance, in every corner of the island lights were still lit. There were neighborhoods where neighbors turned off their home lights and flashes broke through the windows, as if sadness was rolling down the cheeks of the night, uncontrollably.


There were hundreds of people from the capital who spontaneously attended last night to show their sorrow at the images of the deceased. The same Cubans who until the last minute were hoping and betting on life now laid flowers, lit candles, some crossed themselves, others gave a military salute, most raised their hands to that part of the chest where the heart was drumming sadly.



The rescuers were also next to the people, who also took their hands on the heart, the same hands that perhaps still show the cuts of so much debris removal.

Expectant, crestfallen, with bruised souls, we Cubans have walked since 10:51 a.m. on Friday, May 6th, when the explosion shook the entrails of Havana; the same Havana that last night saw the growing, almost as a silhouetted against the ruins of the Saratoga, of a garden of flowers and candlelight next to the photos of those who passed, but we won't forget.

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