Venezuela Releases 20,000 Turtles for Species Conservation

Venezuela Releases 20,000 Turtles for Species Conservation
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27 May 2023
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On Friday, Venezuelan Environment Ministry announced that 20,000 Arrau turtle hatchlings were released in the state of Amazonas as part of a plan for conserving endangered species.

The turtles were taken to their habitat in an area called "Cuba Island," which serves as a wildlife refuge and protective zone for this species also known as the "Orinoco turtle."

The release event was led by the Amazonas Governor Miguel Rodriguez, the Environment Regional Director Doralbis Lara, and other members of the ministry.

"The conservation of the species has led to the reproduction of Arrau turtles in shelters until they reach a size that ensures their survival against potential natural predators and can be returned to their habitats," the Environment Ministry said.

The existence of the Arrau turtle is highly threatened, with humans being its greatest predator, as they are trafficked without authorization for their meat consumption and the trade of their shells for artisanal crafts.

Last Sunday, Environment Minister Josue Lorca also announced that over 300 Orinoco caimans will be released in the state of Apure.

He also mentioned that in the Laguna de la Restinga National Park, located in the state of Nueva Esparta, another 350 seahorses would be returned to their habitat.

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