US NGO’s Ships Powdered Milk Donation to Cuba

US NGO’s Ships Powdered Milk Donation to Cuba
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12 April 2022
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Havana, April 11 (ACN) US Non-governmental organizations donated 3.4 thousand kilos of powdered milk to Cuba to support the local health system.

The shipment, valued at some 15.8 thousand dollars, will be sent to oncological hospitals in the cities of Havana and Holguin and to and elderly home of the Salvation Army, in the capital city.

The donation, to be distributed by the Cuban Council of Churches, was the result of a joint action by the El Pan Cooperation Project, the Cubanakoa Foundation, Global Health Partners, the Salvando Vidas Campaign and Michigan’s Milk Producers.

The shipment arrives here in the Holy Week as a gesture of reciprocity of love and solidarity that Cuba has planted in other countries, said The Reverend Joel Ortega, president of the Cuban Council of Churches and Presbyterian pastor.

Meanwhile, Alexis Martinez from the Cuban Foreign Trade and Investment Ministry extended his appreciation on behalf of all cancer patients and senior citizens who will be benefitted with the important product.

Martinez said the donation is proof of the will of Cubans residents in the US along with natives of that nation to mitigate the impact of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of the island a gesture in favor of cooperation among the nations.

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