US finances new mercenary opposition against Cuba

US finances new mercenary opposition against Cuba
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13 March 2024
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The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provide new mercenaries with financial support against Cuba.

Among U.S.-financed organizations is the so-called International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights (called Race and Equality), a Miami-based association that is receiving funds through the NED and USAID, the Cubadebate reported.

With money provided by Washington, Race and Equality promotes trips of anti-Cuban activists to Europe to meet with officials and Euro-parliamentarians and force them to listen to their complaints, claims, interests and agendas against Cuban government.

For example, from February 12 to 15, activists Elena Larrinaga de Luis, Yaxis Cires Dib and Yanelis Núñez Leyva, known in Miami for handling money used for actions against the Cuban Revolution, will be traveling to Brussels, Belgium, headquarters of the European Union (EU), the source said.

Part of the strategy was the publication last February 12, on the X account of the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, of a photograph showing the leaders of Race and Equality together with former Prime Minister of Lithuania and current European parliamentarian Andrius Kubilius.

Their intention was to condition and, if necessary, boycott the signing of the political dialogue and cooperation agreement between the EU and Cuba.

These “small-time” characters manage to sit in the waiting rooms in Brussels because they are being aided by a Race and Equality official in charge of “European Union affairs”, who lives in the Belgian capital: Camilo Tovar who is in charge of orchestrating and executing this organization´s strategy before EU institutions.

Camilo Tovar is also in charge of trying to place the points of view of Raza e Igualdad in the European Parliament, with the support of other characters who “cowardly do not show their faces and operate in the shadows”.

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