U.S.-financed operation aimed at Cuban children denounced

U.S.-financed operation aimed at Cuban children denounced
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3 April 2021
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Havana, April 3 (RHC)--Cuban television denounced a new action orchestrated by people at the United States service and aimed at children in the Caribbean country to manipulate them.

According to the prime-time newscast, counterrevolutionary Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, known for faking a hunger strike as part of the San Isidro farce and denigrating patriotic symbols, intended to carry out a subversive activity on Sunday.

Such an event would coincide with the celebrations in the island of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, which groups children up to 15 years old, an important date for Cuba.

The report said that Otero Alcantara created an exhibition in the Havana neighborhood of San Isidro, to which the children would be invited.

The images would be of different brands of candies, and there he would explain to the children that they cannot eat them because of the bad management of the Government; then, 'magically,' the candies would appear, and he would hand them out, the media source said.

The source pointed out that this individual, who had claimed not to receive funds or orders from abroad, has a contract with the U.S. National Democratic Institute, a subcontractor of organizations with a history of guaranteeing funds for subversion in Cuba.

According to the report, this agency is a sort of think tank for certain sectors of Washington's policy, and since the 1990s

it has been trying to influence Cuban society.

The Institute agreed to provide Otero Alcantara with up to 1,000 dollars per month to carry out activities between January 2, 2021, and January 4, 2022.

The news program recalled how at the top of the U.S. National Democratic Institute is Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State during Bill Clinton's second term, a period of intense activity against Cuba.

According to official sources, the island is the target of a soft coup. In this context, the counterrevolutionaries are promoting plans to generate a confrontation between the population and the Government.

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