US caravans call for the end of blockade against Cuba

US caravans call for the end of blockade against Cuba
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27 February 2022
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Streets of different US cities such as Miami, New York and Seattle on Sunday welcomed caravans calling for the end of US blockade against Cuba.

Manifold footage and videos are currently circulating on social media, which have already become common at the end of each month, as part of an international campaign to call for the lifting of US blockade.

Avenues in Seattle, the United States´ largest city, have once anew witnessed a new caravan calling for the end of the US blockade against Cuba as well as the establishment of better relations between the two countries.

In New York, the solidarity caravan toured Bronx neighborhoods and Miami. About twenty vehicles rolled over important streets of Miami bearing Cuban flags and posters calling for the end of sanctions against Cuba.

On Facebook, the Bridges of Love project coordinator Carlos Lazo posted the large group that gathered in Florida to request the lifting of US blockade.

Plus, Mr. Lazo stressed that the solidarity caravan is also focused on uniting wills towards the campaign to send powdered milk to Cuba´s Child Hospitals.

In Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, separate activities were conducted to call for the end of US blockade and also for the establishment of Bridges of Love Project between both peoples.

In Tunisia, Angola, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Nicaragua and the United Kingdom, various initiatives were also conducted to call Washington to lift the unilateral coercive measures against Cuba.



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