US activists call for lifting blockade to allow Cuba’s recovery

US activists call for lifting blockade to allow Cuba’s recovery
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2 October 2022
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U.S. activists and organizations on Saturday called on President Joe Biden to temporarily lift the genocidal and hostile blockade imposed on Cuba and also allow its full recovery after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

On Twitter, the Peoples’ Forum movement reported on the pressing statement in this Sunday’s edition of The New York Times for the end of Washington’s coercive measures and to make possible the purchase of supplies needed for Cuba´s reconstruction.

“The Joe Biden administration needs to act right now to aid the Cuban people,” the Let Cuba Rebuild message said.

The message stressed that the economic, commercial and financial blockade prevents Havana from receiving necessary resources, so therefore it urged the White House to enable, even if only for the next six months, the purchase of construction materials.

It recalled the Cuban people are presently facing a major setback due to Hurricane Ian, hitting Cuba on Tuesday and ravaging power grid, houses, crops and important economic sectors such as tobacco, in addition to severe telecommunication and water supply problems.

“Although the law authorizes U.S. entities and organizations to provide disaster relief and response, it has been proven that it is not so easy, as there are long and complex processes to receive licenses that often require costly lawyers,” the document stated.

Similarly, it pointed out how Cuba’s inclusion on the alleged State Sponsors of Terrorism List means that banks both on U.S. and abroad are reluctant to process any transactions, including humanitarian donations.

“It is inconceivable at this critical hour to hold the blockade and collectively punish an entire people,” the message remarked, while urging President Joe Biden to set aside the Cold War policy, “even if only for six months!” “The Cuban people are part of our family, the human family,” it added, and insisted that “This time to act!”.

Following Hurricane Ian’s passage, the People’s Forum movement shared a link to a website to receive donations and contribute to Cuba relief efforts, as well as the Bridges of Love solidarity project, focused on the purchase of food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Early last September Joe Biden signed the extension of the so-called “Trading with the Enemy Act”, which extends the blockade through September 14, 2023 and authorizes the president to impose economic restrictions.

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