The Underwater Bell Towers

The Underwater Bell Towers
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18 February 2022
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God sent the flood and everything that was on earth was left under the waters... except the ark of the famous Noah. So tells the biblical tale, that it’s actually inspired by a much older Sumerian legend. But man, over the years, also diverted rivers and flooded valleys to protect himself from other cataclysms that God sent his way. For that reason, dams were invented. And in Spain, as many places in the world, whole towns were submerged by the hydraulic will, including many churches.

The photo looks like a metaphor for the strength of faith, but it’s actually a document of the devastation of drought. It was taken in Catalonia, and the bell tower that appears in the blue waters is that of the church of Sant Romà, in Vilanova de Sau. During rains, the building is completely covered by a reservoir. But when the water level draw back, the tower searches for the sky as if yearning for the reunion with its inspirer.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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