Ukrainian army bombs Kherson during referendum

Ukrainian army bombs Kherson during referendum
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23 September 2022
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Kherson, Sept 23 (Prensa Latina) The Ukrainian army is bombing areas of Kherson to prevent the holding of the referendum on the incorporation into Russia, that region's Minister of Health, Vadim Ilmiev, reported on Friday.

The minister told the press that safe places for this process have been set up. The electoral commission will be in charge of votings, and then citizens will go to work. He added that they learned that Ukraine is launching bombs in Kherson to prevent the arrival of people.

Moreover, Ilmiev said that the medical staff at the hospitals of this territory is active to assist the population during the days of the referendum. Kherson’s Central Electoral Commission reported that some 750,000 voters will take part in it.

From September 23 to 27, the territories of Kherson, Zaporozhie, the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk will hold the referendum on their incorporation into Russia. If the results are positive, over 5 million people could become Russian citizens.

Local authorities specified that, due to security reasons, during the first four days, the voting will not take place at polling stations: citizens could vote in public places or their homes, where volunteers will take the ballots.

However, they stressed that people can vote at polling stations on the last day of the referendum.

Moreover, the electoral commissions of these regions reported that all refugees in Russia may participate and vote at centers set up for it.

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