Tips to Celebrate the End of the Year Safer in Family

Tips to Celebrate the End of the Year Safer in Family
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31 December 2021
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These are very happy holidays of being together as a family, however, another end of the year we’ll live in pandemic again so it will not be possible to celebrate it as before, when Covid-19 didn’t exist, nor as in the 2020 when Delta threatened us, because the danger represented by the Omicron variant and its high transmissibility is not something to underestimate.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on its official website informed all its readers a series of tips to protect oneself, your family and reduce the risks of infection. The first thing they urge the entire population is to comply with the measures of domestic authorities and be informed about the behavior of contagions.

According to the international organization, "in places with low rates of transmission of Covid-19 and high vaccination rates, people who are fully vaccinated are at less risk, while those who haven’t been vaccinated, including children, can still get it”. Vaccinated and not vaccinated should take care of themselves.

Waiting for the new year like any other day you have to be very responsible before meeting as a group. “If you are going to meet with a group of people, find out if they are vaccinated and if they take precautions, and keep in ind where and for how long you will be together. Meet in open spaces and for short periods of time carries fewer risks”.

Although in Cuba most of its population is vaccinated, since it’s confident in the effectiveness of its vaccines and the seriousness of their health personnel, there are not a few people in the world who refuse to be immunized, don’t believe in the effect of these vaccines, and eventually some end up getting sick, unfortunately they die, and even infect family members.

That’s why UNICEF suggests everyone to get vaccinated to avoid serious symptoms or death, however, “no vaccine offers full protection, so it’s important that you continue to take precautions to protect yourself and others even if you are vaccinated. This includes wearing a mask, keep your physical distance, and wash hands frequently".

Right now for the present celebrations for a new year, also advises staying home if you are sick with the new coronavirus. “Do not attend or organize meetings if you, or someone in your family are sick or have symptoms of Covid-19. Stay home, search for medical assistance and help stop the spread of the virus ”.

Likewise, "call off your trip if you or a member of your family are sick, have symptoms, or have had contact with a person that has been infected in the last 14 days. Those who have not been vaccinated and, therefore are at greater risk of developing serious disease should consider postponing their travels until they receive the full vaccination".

It’s advisable not to attend “crowded, confined, and closed spaces with poor ventilation and try to keep an interpersonal physical distance of at least one meter”. It’s vital to wash your hands with soap and water or some disinfectant solution at all times. In addition, it’s of the utmost importance to wear the mask correctly and keep physical distance.

Covid-19 has proven us the importance of being cautious, responsible, and that when hygienic-sanitary measures are complied with, there are less chance of contagion. This end of the year will not be like in the former normalcy, but unlike last December the population Cuba is more protected with the immunization of a high percent of its inhabitants, although this doesn’t mean that it’s time to relax.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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