Solidarity with Cuba after article in Costa Rican newspaper

Solidarity with Cuba after article in Costa Rican newspaper
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25 December 2020
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Costa Rica´s Secretariat of the National and International Council of Popular Communication (CONAICOP) and former lawmaker Sergio Erick Ardon expressed their solidarity with Cuba after a recent editorial published in La Nacion newspaper.

In a press release, CONAICOP-Costa Rica strongly rejected the editorial in La Nacion.

'The editorial is a lie, damaging the veracity of events to contribute to the inhumane attack on Cuba to try to delegitimize its government and sovereign actions within the law and human rights,' it said.

It charged that La Nacion, a tentacle of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA), applies as a journalistic tool the interference in the sovereignty and self-determination of the Cuban Government.

'Our unconditional support to Cuba, its president Miguel Diaz-Canel, the Communist Party of Cuba, its great People and, of course, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, represented by its ambassador, Jorge Rodriguez Hernandez, in Costa Rica,' the communiqué concluded.

For his part, Ardon, a former Costa Rican lawmaker, published an article entitled Avispero (Hornet's Nest) in Avance CR, in which he defended the Cuban ambassador's stance against the slanders of La Nacion.

'The fact that the ambassador of a besieged country, which has been systematically smeared day in and day out, by the La Nacion newspaper – part of the chorus of international media in permanent campaign of slanders, libels, exaggerations and lies – respectably and accordingly refutes and unmasks it is too much for the owners of the newspaper,' Ardon noted.

In terms of common use, calling someone a liar is said that he is distorting the truth. That is what we do here, as meek as we are. Cubans are more direct, also their ambassadors, and they do not beat around the bush. They call lie to lie, and liar to whoever lies. That hurts the soul of those who have lied during their entire life, he pointed out.

'And adding to the relevant adjective a long list of documents and videos that strongly prove where the lie is, showing the twisted elements of the campaign, is a second and more accurate blow to the hornet's nest,' Ardon stressed.

The explanation for that capacity of resistance, which surprises many people, is not in its material resources, which it lacks, but in its DIGNITY, something that is very difficult to measure by mendacious journalists and neoliberal economists, by arrogant imperialists, who know little about history, he stated.

'Ambassador Jorge Rodriguez has just been consequent, armed with dignity and the truth,' Ardon added.

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