Senator Marco Rubio Raves

Senator Marco Rubio Raves
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19 June 2024
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Upon hearing the news of the visit to Cuba of a Russian naval detachment, made up of four ships and a nuclear-powered submarine, between July 12-17, 2024, Senator Marco Rubio immediately made statements that demonstrate his absurd and hysterical behavior, whenever something beneficial for the Island is involved.

This member of the well-known anti-Cuban terrorist mafia, manager of policies that seek to suffocate the Cuban people, immediately began a campaign to pressure President Joe Biden, asking him to do something against Cuba and not sit idly by, instilling terror in Yankee political society, given the theoretical threat it represents for the vilified national security of the United States.

On his X account, he wrote: “There has not been a Russian nuclear-capable missile submarine operating in the Caribbean for over 30 years. So if the regime in Cuba decides to allow one to stop at a port just 90 miles from our shores, the Biden administration must impose real consequences on them.”

Will this senator know how to read or will he manipulate real information again?

The Russian submarine does not carry nuclear missiles, it’s nuclear-powered, like the icebreakers that sail through the Arctic Sea, but panic must be sown in Yankee public opinion to put pressure on Biden. This is how the anti-Cuban terrorists in Florida work, with the purpose of creating the image of a Cuba that is dangerous for the United States.

Did Senator Rubio forget that the Yankee naval base, which occupies a part of Cuba against the will of its people is constantly visited by warships and aircrafts as a threat to the security of the Island?

The United States has surrounded Russia with NATO troops, incorporating countries that have always been neutral and also have military bases throughout Europe, in part of Asia and the Middle East that certainly endanger world peace and for him that’s normal because Yankees are the “masters of the world.” They send all kinds of weapons to Ukraine and even bombs clusters banned by UN agreement, but since it’s against Russia, no one condemns them, despite the deaths they cause among civilian population.

Marco Rubio must end up learning that Cuba is no longer a Yankee neocolony and, therefore, it receives whoever it wants because it’s free and sovereign. Like any nation, it has the right to do what it considers best, a situation not accepted by the United States that since 1898 stole its independence, first with the Platt Amendment and later with the Reciprocity Treaty that imposed strong chains on the freedom of Cubans. .

Will the senator want to create another missile crisis similar to that of 1962? Times have changed and the United States today has military bases and nuclear weapons all over the world, sends warships to the Chinese seas less than 90 miles from that country and to other seas in the Middle East, so it has no morals to demand anything.

If you don't like the visit of the Russian fleet to the island, cover your head with a pillow or go on vacation to Hawaii if you're afraid, but Cuba welcomes whoever it wants despite Mr. Rubio's rantings.

José Martí was not wrong when he stated:

“Displeases an honest mind these infertile madmen, born to tear down with their convulsive hands, all testimony of other people's fame and merit.”

Taken from El Heraldo Cubano

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