Russia Thwarts Ukrainian Attempt to Cross Dnieper River

Russia Thwarts Ukrainian Attempt to Cross Dnieper River
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4 June 2023
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The Russian Armed Forces on Sunday thwarted another attempt by Ukrainian nationalists to cross the Dnieper River, causing numerous casualties, Russia´s Defense Ministry reported.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Dnieper group troops killed 37 soldiers and ravaged two ships of the Ukrainian Forces as these were trying to cross the river and reach the Veliky and Bokaevsky islands.


In Kherson, the Dnieper troops destroyed two enemy ships and a 120-millimeter mortar.


As a result, 10 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, five were wounded. Earlier, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed an Msta-B howitzer and a Giacint-B gun in the vicinity of Kherson.

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