Rumors about lifting of restrictive measures in Havana denied

Rumors about lifting of restrictive measures in Havana denied
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7 September 2021
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The government of Havana on Tuesday reaffirmed the permanence of the prevention and control regulations against Covid-19 in the province and denied rumors about an alleged lifting of restrictive measures.

On its Facebook profile, the government announced that infographics circulating on social networks are fake and respond to provisions adopted in August and October 2020.

According to the misleading news, limitations of movement of cars, motorcycles and other means of transport would be eliminated; as well as the prohibition of citizens' mobility at certain times.

It also indicated that the prohibition of purchases by municipalities of residence and the regulations on the sale of food and cleaning products and toiletries in chain stores would no longer be in force.

The press release from the Havana government recommends people to keep informed by and with official media before sharing any news.

At present, Cuba is facing one of the most difficult situations due to the health situation caused by Covid-19.


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