Remaining Crew Released From Hijacked Plane in Argentina

Remaining Crew Released From Hijacked Plane in Argentina
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15 October 2022
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The courts today ordered the release of the last five crew members of the plane of Empresa de Transporte de Aerocargo del Sur (EMTRASUR), who had been held in Argentina since last June, local media reported here today.

Telesur's Madelein García wrote that federal judge Federico Villena decided that "there are no merits" to continue the investigation of the five Emtrasur crew members.

 Argentine Judge Dismisses 14 Emtrasur Crew Members

She specified that as of Monday, they are free with the delivery of the passports that were confiscated by the decision of the Argentine judicial authorities, with which all the members of the plane's crew were finally released.

Internet user Ana Cristina Bracho pointed out on the same social network, "The entire crew has already been acquitted! There are joys that only justice brings. Full pride of not having doubted for a moment that this would be what we would live because the right assisted them. Long live Venezuela!".

The release of the 19 crew members (14 Venezuelans and five Iranians) was achieved after four months of demands by the Caracas authorities, although the Boeing 747-300 aircraft is still retained.

Last September 13, a court in Argentina released 12 members of the plane's crew, and two more were released at the end of the same month.

From the very beginning, Venezuela considered the aircraft's retention on Argentine soil an illegal, arbitrary action in violation of international law since there were no reasons for such a decision.

It also denounced that the hijacking is part of the plot orchestrated by the United States and its allies to continue the usurpation of national assets belonging to the Venezuelan people.

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