Presidential campaigning ends in Bolivia as elections approach

Presidential campaigning ends in Bolivia as elections approach
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15 October 2020
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Campaigning of presidential candidates for the elections in Bolivia on Sunday ended on Wednesday with caravans, walks and public rallies.

According to a report on teleSUR, the smaller political parties ended their respective campaigns the day before, on Tuesday.

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) -- overthrown nearly a year ago -- organized its last gathering in the city of El Alto, near La Paz. Meanwhile, Comunidad Ciudadana (CC) of Carlos Mesa and Creemos, of Luis Fernando Camacho, held their last meeting in Santa Cruz, some 550 kilometers east of La Paz.

MAS presidential candidate Luis Arce made his closing in a multitudinous gathering of his followers. Luis (Lucho) Arce pointed out that on Sunday, the people "will recover democracy," while assuring that "MAS is more alive than ever." Likewise, he pointed out that with his return to power, the persecution of militants and followers of that party, as well as of social leaders like the one suffered during the last 11 months, will end.

He said if elected, the main task will be the economic reactivation and the recovery of the state enterprises, after the disruption produced in the last year by the de-facto government.

Meanwhile, his running mate, David Choquehuanca, stated: "Voting for MAS-IPSP is voting for ourselves and on the 18th we are going to vote for ourselves." At the same time, he indicated that the looting of state enterprises and political persecution will come to an end with the victory of MAS.

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