President Díaz-Canel urges for globalizing solidarity, collaboration

President Díaz-Canel urges for globalizing solidarity, collaboration
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18 October 2022
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Tuesday reiterated the pressing need to globalize solidarity in an increasingly less equitable world.

On Twitter, the Cuban leader stated that “we must continue globalizing solidarity, collaboration; we cannot lose our way towards a better world”.

He also added that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, “always defended that it was possible”.

The Cuba-Health 2022 Congress is the perfect setting for reflecting on social, health and economic impact of Covid-19 globally, climate change and consequences for health as well as emerging and re-emerging diseases.

During the opening day, President Díaz-Canel gave the keynote lecture “Government Management System based on Science and Innovation: Implications for Health”, in which he expressed Cuba’s willingness to modestly share ideas on the strategic actions Cuba faced the pandemic.

He also tackled down on global situation marked by the multidimensional crisis in which, amid the pandemic, the world has further polarized inequalities as a result of an “unjust international economic order”.

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