Pig Heart

Pig Heart
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10 March 2022
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David Bennett, the patient who earlier this year became the first person to receive a genetically-modified pig heart transplant in the United States, has died. Several media have echoed the news. The specific cause of death is unclear; the corresponding studies will be done. The truth is that for several weeks the heart worked correctly ... and that allowed Bennett and his relatives some extra time.

Everyone knew from the beginning that it was an experimental treatment, and therefore there were risks. But at least some viability was proven. David was a pioneer for science. The experiences of his case will serve for future research.

Many people were horrified at the news of the transplant. More out of prejudice than out of scientific rigor. It was not acceptable to them for a human to take in the organ of another animal... much less a pig, with all that a pig can imply. And yet the heart beat for weeks, it kept the man alive. That operation opened a door to hope. Much is yet to be seen.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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