In pictures: Pro-Palestine protests held in countries as Israel bombs Gaza

In pictures: Pro-Palestine protests held in countries as Israel bombs Gaza
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8 October 2023
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Tens of thousands of people have marched in solidarity with Palestinian resistance groups following unprecedented attacks on illegal Israeli settlements and towns that have left hundreds dead and wounded.

Hamas, which governs besieged Gaza, said the attack was driven by what it said were Israel's escalated attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, occupied Jerusalem and against Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

Israel has launched air strikes that have resulted in the killings of over 230 Palestinians and asked Gaza residents to evacuate immediately.

Stay informed and up-to-date on where protests are taking place:


Thousands of Yemenis march in capital Sana in support of the Palestinian resistance groups during fighting with Israel.


Yemenis protest in Sanaa to show support to the Palestinian resistance groups against Israel.


In Istanbul, Ankara and other cities in Türkiye, people demonstrated in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere amid fighting between Palestinian resistance groups and Israeli forces.


In Diyarbakir, Turkish people express solidarity with Palestinians.


Women chant in solidarity with Palestinians during a march in support of Palestine in Istanbul.



Iraqis marched in capital Baghdad in support of Palestinians. They also burned Israeli flags and posters of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.


Iraqis burn the Israeli flag during their march in support of Palestine.


Iranians gathered in Tehran, carrying the Palestinian flag and pictures of slain Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani — who was allegedly assassinated by Israel, to show support for Palestinians.


Iranians attend a gathering in Tehran to express solidarity with Palestinians.


In Morocco, people raised Palestinian flags and placards that read "no normalisation with Israelis" during a demonstration to show solidarity with Palestine.


People stage a demonstration and carry the Palestinian flag in support of the Palestinian resistance in Rabat, Morocco.


In Beirut, Lebanon, people held Palestinian flags and placards that read "resistance is the only way to liberate al Aqsa Mosque" to show solidarity with Palestinians.


People hold flags to express solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, in Beirut suburbs.


Jordanians gathered near the embassy of Israel in the capital, Amman, to express solidarity with Palestinians, holding Palestinian flags and placards.


Jordanians gather during a protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, near the Israeli embassy in Amman.

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