Picasso, next to El Greco, in Prado Museum

Picasso, next to El Greco, in Prado Museum
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20 July 2021
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Since Monday, Pablo Picasso's 'Buste de Femme 43' will hang in the El Greco room of the Prado Museum in Madrid, a fact full of symbolism and somehow of justice.
However, the stories of art and especially of plastic art are almost always accompanied by small details, in this case not harmonious at all. There is a long-standing dispute between the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia in the distribution of the classics.

Meanwhile, the remarkable painter from Malaga (1881-1973), master of cubism, will have the pleasure of being reflected in the sumptuous Prado, although his work has little to do with the style of El Greco (1541-1614).

In any case, beauty finds a place and to do so Paloma Esteban, the most renowned specialist of the author of Guernika in Spain, says without ambiguity: 'Picasso endures everything, because he has many facets and wealth'.

The fact is that finally, Picasso is exhibited from this Monday and until 2026 in Madrid with 'Buste de Femme 43', by virtue of a donation from the American Friends of the Prado Museum.

After the Board of Trustees of the Pinacoteca accepted this donation from the Aramont Art Collection, owned by the Mexican family Arango Montull, the master of cubism finds his place.

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