Panama unveils World Baseball Classic team

Panama unveils World Baseball Classic team
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1 March 2023
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Panama City, March 1 (PL)-- Panama presented the national team that will represent it in the V World Baseball Classic, in which it will participate for the third time, although first after qualifying in a qualifying tournament.

According to the report of the national Federation and the technical director, Luis Ortiz, for this competition the ninth team is in group A, to be held in Taichung, from March 8 to 12, and will debut on the first day against Chinese Taipei.

Also in that group are teams from Cuba, Italy and the Netherlands.

Ortiz confirmed the list of 30 players, among which he highlighted starting pitcher Jaime Barría (Los Angeles Angels), closer Javier Guerra, who belongs to the Milwaukee Brewers organization, and outfielder Christian Bethancourt (Tampa Bay Rays).

According to the pitching coach, former major league Enrique Burgos, the pitching staff is one of the key points for this competition.

"All the groups are quite strong, but we are going to look for the qualification to see what can be done in the next round," he said.

In his opinion, in this kind of tournament, which is quite fast, one must be prepared for the four or five games.

Although the local ninth was already present in the 2006 and 2009 Classics, in both cases it arrived by invitation and it will be the 2023 edition the first time it participates after overcoming the qualifying qualifiers last October.


Pitchers: Jaime Barría, Javier Guerra, Justin Lawrence, Alberto Baldonado, Matt Hardy, Andy Otero, Humberto Mejía, James González, Randall Delgado, Severino González, Alberto Guerrero, Davis Romero, Wilfredo Pereira and Harold Araúz.

Catchers: Christian Bethancourth, Carlos Sánchez, Pedro Aguilar.

Infielders: Jonathan Araúz, Rubén Tejada, Edgard Muñoz, Joshwan Wright, José Caballero, Erasmo Caballero, Gerald Chin and Allen Córdoba.

Outfielders: Jose Ramos, Rodrigo Orozco, Luis Castillo, Johnny Santos and Jhadiel Santamaria.

Coaches: Luis Ortiz (Manager), Vicente Garibaldo, Enrique Burgos, Victor Preciado, Hipolito Ortiz, Wilfrido Cordoba, Luis Caballero, Earl Agnoly, Rodrigo Orozco and Alfredo Alcide.

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