Over 500 illegal Cuban immigrants sent back in 2021

Over 500 illegal Cuban immigrants sent back in 2021
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10 July 2021
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A total of 574 Cubans have been returned to the country so far this year by immigration authorities from other countries, a consequence of irregular immigration encouraged by the United States, said today Colonel Mario Menéndez Mayedo, head of the Directorate of Identification and Aliens of the Ministry of the Interior (Minint).

Col. Menendes said that only the United States returned 411 Cuban residents in 2021, which demonstrates the non-existence of a normal migratory relationship, since the embassy of that country in Cuba is inoperable so that its nationals have to resort to a third country to apply for visas, with a higher cost and use of time.

The attempts to stifle us economically in recent years have a direct impact on the irregular migratory flow from Cuba to the United States, he pointed out.

Likewise, among the particularities of the irregular transit to enter the United States through the southern border of Mexico, the journey from South America that lasts up to 45 days, and the passage through the dangerous jungle between Colombia and Panama, known as the Darien Gap, stand out.

The high lethality, the presence of children (including newborns), the psychological impact for Cuban families, the long stay in Bahamian keys and in harsh conditions, and the after-effects for the immigrants, stand out among the general characteristics of illegal departures from the country, which have increased after the measures adopted by the U.S. administration of Donald Trump.

The head of the Directorate of Identification and Foreigners of the Minint detailed that since 2013 the Cuban State adopted new migratory measures such as the elimination of the Exit Permit procedure for trips abroad for particular matters of Cuban citizens residing in the country, and the extension to 24 months of the stay abroad for nationals traveling temporarily.

Since that year, the increase of departures from the nation for particular matters was sustained, more than one million resident Cubans have made more than five million trips.
He highlighted that in 2018, the requirement of settling abroad was eliminated so that the children of Cubans living abroad, who were born abroad, can obtain Cuban citizenship.

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