NASA unveils 4 stronauts who will travel to the Moon on Artemis II

NASA unveils 4 stronauts who will travel to the Moon on Artemis II
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4 April 2023
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NASA and the Canadian Space Agency announced Monday the four astronauts who will partake in the next Artemis mission and fly around the moon.
Known as the Artemis II mission, the spaceflight will carry three Americans and one Canadian: Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover and Christina Koch from NASA, and Jeremy Hansen from the Canadian Space Agency.

The four astronauts are scheduled to be launched to Earth’s artificial satellite in November 2024 from Florida, USA.

The Artemis II flight test, which will last about 10 days, will be launched aboard NASA’s powerful Space Launch System rocket to prove the Orion spacecraft’s life support systems and validate techniques needed for humans to live and work in deep space.

The flight, which will build on the successful Artemis I uncrewed mission completed in December, will lay the groundwork to pave the way for future long-term human exploration missions to the Moon and Mars.

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