MLB predict $640,000 loss for each game with no fans

MLB predict $640,000 loss for each game with no fans
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17 May 2020
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Major League Baseball (MLB) predicted a $640,000 (£528,000/€591,000) loss for each game played with no fans as the start of the season was discussed with players.

It was reported earlier this week that MLB were planning to start its coronavirus-impacted season in July, with half of the originally planned 162 matches per team making up the new regular season.

Competition had initially been scheduled to begin in March, but had been pushed back due to the pandemic. 

The new proposal needed the approval of the MLB Players Association, however, with discussions set to take place on the impact on players' pay due to the shortened season.

MLB and the Players Association had agreed to a deal on March 26, in which players would get a prorated share of their salaries, but this was based only on playing in spectator-filled venues.

Teams claimed the proposed method of starting the season would still cause a $4 billion (£3.3 billion/€3.7 billion) loss and would give major league players 89 per cent of revenue, arguing that they were set to lose more money with each additional game played. 

In recent discussions, the Players Association disagreed with this and claimed clubs would lose less money with more games. 

As negotiations between the MLB and players continue, teams have shared their predicted losses from the pandemic. 

The New York Yankees have predicted $312 million (£258 million/€288 million) in local losses, while the Los Angeles Dodgers are expecting $232 million (£192 million/€214 million).

The United States has been the nation most impacted by coronavirus, with more than 90,000 deaths having been reported in the country.   

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