Mexico extends Cuban medical action and appeals to retired people

Mexico extends Cuban medical action and appeals to retired people
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14 March 2023
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The director of the Mexican Social Security Institute and head of the IMSS-Bienestar Health Plan, Zoe Robledo, on Tuesday announced an extension of the hiring of Cuban doctors and a call for national retired people.

At President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s morning press conference at the National Palace, dedicated to the subject of health care, Robledo reported on how the process of modernizing medical care is progressing within the project to achieve levels of efficiency equivalent to those of countries at the forefront in Europe and elsewhere.

In this regard, there is a strategic agreement with Cuba that supports the IMSS-Bienestar plan with the assistance of specialists, who are working in out-of-the-way places in some 80 municipalities in several states from north to south of the country, and its expansion was always planned.

Robledo revealed that an agreement has already been reached to increase the number of 610 Cubans currently stationed on national territory, although he did not give specific numbers or dates for their arrival, but he considered the expansion of these Cuban services to be important.

After noting the high professionalism of these doctors, he also announced a call for 27,398 Mexican retired experts in some 30 disciplines, and 55-78 years of age.

With this, other states will be rapidly covered until all 32 institutions benefit from the IMSS-Bienestar Healthcare Plan, the heart of the modernization of national medical assistance.

The plan also includes a boost and better treatment for traditional medicine, by forcing its application, especially in the indigenous communities where it is most practiced and in accordance with a State law that protects and stimulates it.

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