Madrid pays tribute to Juan Padron's work

Madrid pays tribute to Juan Padron's work
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16 July 2021
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Madrid, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Exaggeration, some would say, petulance would enunciate others, but the figure of Cuban cartoonist Juan Padron in the foreground at Casa de America in Madrid exceeded expectations.
A week in which Latin jazz was played during the relaunch of an album by four Cuban pianists, leaves the scene ready for the tribute tonight to Padron, the late author of emblematic characters in cartoons.

Curiously, Elpidio Valdes, the brave Mambi fighter against the Spanish colonialism, is one of Padron's distinguishing characteristic, from which, however, this time, his delicious film 'Vampiros en La Habana' (Vampires in Havana) will be screened.

Almost more than a month ago, Padron was recalled in the Canary Islands as one of the best Cuban and Latin American cartoonists.

The launch of Padron's book 'Mi vida en Cuba' (My Life in Cuba) will be the climax of his homage.

The book, edited by Reservoir Books, was already launched in San Cristobal de Tenerife, during the 4th edition of the Quirino Awards for Ibero-American Animation, where a posthumous tribute was made to the creator of comic strips.

Padron, who passed away almost more than a year ago, left a unique legacy in phrases that are part of the popular heritage in Cuba, not only of the intrepid Mambi fighter against the Spanish colonialism, but also his occurrences around vampires.

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