Luis Enrique Camejo’s new exhibition opens in Havana

Luis Enrique Camejo’s new exhibition opens in Havana
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29 May 2023
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Havana, May 29 (Prensa Latina) The L Gallery of the University of Havana (UH) is hosting the exhibition 'Memory of the Anthropocene,' by Cuban visual artist Luis Enrique Camejo, one of the proposals of the first International Convention Saber-UH 2023.

The exhibition, inaugurated on Sunday, is part of the intense program of cultural events in the framework of the scientific meeting that will be held from Monday to Friday in this capital with the presence of more than 2,500 foreign guests from 38 nations, including Cubans.

The artist agreed to present his pieces in the context of the academic forum, as they were conceived and created amid the torments experienced since the outbreak of Covid-19 and its significance for humanity, he told Prensa Latina.

The pandemic imposed big challenges, we did not know whether it was the end, he said.

That’s how the idea of this work came about, made up of ten paintings that range from the confinement caused by the pandemic in the country and in the world to the return to normal.

I wanted, above all, to talk with university students about climate change, emerging diseases, the pandemic, etc.

This led to the proposal for this exhibition at the convention, which was immediately accepted by the UH Vice Rector’s Office for University Extension, he said.

Camejo studied at the Art School of Pinar del Rio and at the National School of Art in Havana, until he graduated from the University of Arts.

The artist has a recognized prestige at national and international levels; his artworks are part of collections in Panama, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, United Arab Emirates and the United States, among other countries.

His extensive curriculum includes 150 individual exhibitions and more than 300 group exhibitions, at which the narrative stands out and his interest lies in the fleeting, immediate relationship between humans and their environment.

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