Lopez Obrador: We will always be with Cuba, which is our sister

Lopez Obrador: We will always be with Cuba, which is our sister
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22 March 2023
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Mexico, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) We will always be with Cuba, our sister, and its resistance against the United States blockade for 60 years makes it humankind's heritage, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated on Wednesday.

n response to a question on the matter at his morning press conference at the National Palace, the president recalled Mexico’s recent assistance to Cuba in the supply of oxygen during the Covid-19 pandemic, which could not acquire it due to the hostility by the United States, and the collaboration of Pemex contingents to quell a fire at a supertanker base in Matanzas, and Mexico will continue to do so, although the Cubans do not ask for anything because they have a lot of dignity, he asserted.

Lopez Obrador described as hypocrisy what is happening in the United States regarding its campaign against Cuba and we have already talked enough about this issue; that is why, we reiterate that we are against the blockade which we consider a flagrant violation of human rights, he insisted.

George Washington said that no nation could take advantage of the misfortune of another people to subjugate it, and in the current United States there is a double discourse, a double standard with a lot of deceit, lies, falsehood, slander against Cuba, and it is a sign of a state of decadence.

That is why, he repeated, we will continue to support Cuba and we will not allow it (the United States) to continue with that perverse strategy of beating it so that its people will rebel against its government, but this government has proven to be very dignified and hence my proposal to proclaim it humankind’s heritage due to its heroic resistance.

Hopefully, the Mexican head of State noted, the policy of the United States will change because it is obsolete, and the Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine of America for the Americans no longer apply because this region is not a single country that they rule, but a continent, and they cannot consider the countries that make it up their colonies as they did when they removed and put governments at will.

He pointed out that Mexico has maintained an independent foreign policy, has given political asylum to those persecuted by those coups d’état ordered by the United States, and recalled that it was the only country in Latin America that did not break relations with Cuba and opposed its expulsion from the Organization of American States (OAS) at Washington’s behest.

Lopez Obrador denounced the Washington-based Wilson Institute, funded by economic corporations, full of pure conservatives such as Mexicans Claudio X Gonzalez and Denis Dresser, who agree on attacking us and defending privatizations.

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