Looking forward to San Remo Cuba!

Looking forward to San Remo Cuba!
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4 April 2022
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And yes, despite all the blackmail, the cancellations, against pressures of all kind, and assuming that the people of Cuba and its musicians (who are also part of that people) deserve an art festival amid these though times, the first edition of the San Remo Music Awards to be held in Cuba, from April 5-10, will strengthen the immense cultural ties of this island with Italy.

The usual people, hostile to the Cuban Revolution, continually accuse cultural institutions of politicizing art, and they are the first to make all artistic expressions hostage to political interests. The campaigns against the festival, which include strong pressure to promote an international boycott, distort the event essence.

The event, according to its organizers, aims to consolidate cultural ties with Italy and promote musical creation in Cuba based on the stimulation of the record industry. One thing has to be clear: the Cuban festival was not designed by the authorities of the famous San Remo Music Festival, which traditionally takes place in Italy. Although the program will pay tribute to great musicians linked to that event, who are essential part of the track record of many Cubans: Raffaella Carrá, Nicola di Bari, Eros Ramazzotti...

The crowning moment, however, will be the contest of young figures of Cuban music. The event’s artistic director, musician and promoter Jorge Luis Robaina, highlighted it in an interview with Cubarte portal: “From the very beginning, we have considered that young Cuban talents, both professionals and amateurs, have the opportunity to showcase their talent, and to win on equal terms. To achieve it, we did an intense casting where we received 900-plus videos from all over the country, because we did it in the midst of the pandemic. So, the process of planning the contest has been actually interesting and that is precisely the goal, to be able to internationalize, to be able to put these new Cuban talents in Italy.”

In this effort, the support of the Cuban institutions is paramount: Musicuba Artistic Representation Agency and Egrem record company have opted for a call that also includes fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, and business meetings.

The festive spirit is guaranteed by the concerts and galas, which will have broad media coverage. But San Remo Music Awards Cuba 2022 intends to be a multiple festival. Its director confirms it: “We have added spaces, a well-known space to all Havanans, which is Galiano Avenue, and also Italia Avenue. There we have planned a very popular show, very close to the people, where the Italian culture reaches the streets of Havana. In addition, it is important to point out that right now, I have many artists, friends, colleagues, both from home and abroad, who have precisely okayed this initiative, and so we are designing the entire artistic structure that we have conceived. And consolidating each space from the production perspective, focusing on everything to get the kind of show we have all dreamed of. It is also significant that we have the support of a lot of sectors: tourism, culture, entrepreneurs who are really willing to contribute to this party in Cuba, after such a difficult moment with COVID-19, to enjoy this endearing bond between Italy and Cuba, and, of course, music for the people, because music unites us.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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