Longest horizontal oil well in Cuba is completed

Longest horizontal oil well in Cuba is completed
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11 March 2024
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The Unión Cuba Petróleo (Cupet) and the Chinese company Gran Muralla executed, in 546 days, the Varadero 1012 well, which is now the longest among the horizontal ones, with 8,047 meters in length.

The project was designed by Cuban engineers and specialists, as a contribution to the strategic objective of the country's energy self-sufficiency.

The work is also located in the area with the greatest prospects in the Varadero Oeste field, between the two most productive wells in the Northern Heavy Crude Belt, separated by approximately one kilometer, according to the head of drilling operations, Juan Carlos de la Concepción Fariñas.

Adrián Bacallao Ramírez, a specialist in the design of oil wells, highlighted the infrequency of drilling of such magnitude in the world, and even less so in this geographical area. The construction reaches more than 7,000 meters of displacement on the seabed, where its reserves are located.

Previously, the longest well was Varadero 1011, completed in 2021, with a distance of 7,710 meters.

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