Librarian’s Day is celebrated in Cuba

Librarian’s Day is celebrated in Cuba
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7 June 2024
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Librarian's Day is celebrated every year on June 7 in Cuba as a tribute to the birthday of Antonio Bachiller y Morales (1812-1889), who was a prolific journalist, historian, lawyer, bibliographer, and one of the country's most distinguished intellectuals.

The date originated at the initiative of journalist Cesar Garcia Exposito in 1950.

The first mass celebration, sponsored by the Office of the Historian of Havana, with support from the Cuban Society of Historical and International Studies, was held on June 7, 1950.

Some time later, June 7 was established by the Revolutionary Government through Decree No. 86/1981. Since then, this tribute to the so-called father of Cuban bibliography has been officially celebrated.

The date also recognizes the work of library professionals, who are at the forefront of promoting and preserving knowledge and national heritage.

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