La Tuti, a 20 years-old veteran

La Tuti, a 20 years-old veteran
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30 June 2022
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The family of diving in Cuba has experienced a major revolution in recent years with the retirement of some emblematic stars like Jose Antonio Guerra and Yeinkler Aguirre, protagonists of Cuba’s best results in the sports discipline in the most recent Olympic cycles.


After the retirement of Yeinkler, Anisley García —La Tuti— became the most experienced diver within the national team, and she is only 20. On this and other subjects, CubaSí talked with her.


“We are almost the same age. More than respect itself, I perceive a strong will to help each other and thus achieve better results as a team. I started a little bit younger and could take advantage of Jose and Yeinkler’s experience. Now, I am trying to share my skills with younger athletes.


Anyway, even though they are not here, I know they support us and it makes my work easier.”


-What are your personal expectations this season?


Trainings are going pretty well. I managed to add two new jumps to the individual diving platform, where I hold my highest expectations. I hope the World Championship goes well for us, and perhaps we will participate in a qualifying tournament for the Central American and the Caribbean Games to be held in San Salvador next year.


I still do not know in how many specialties I will compete in the World Cup. It will be a lot of days of competition but I cannot overuse my physical capacity.


-How do you feel in synchronized diving?


Unfortunately, no girls go and synchro with the boys are tougher, because the jumping power is very different, etc. However, in the team event we are going to compete, because each diver competes individually and the best results are added up.


-The Youth Pan American Games held in Cali, last year, must have fueled your dreams due to the good results of the whole team...


It kept our dreams alive. It is little by little and we keep on rolling. Cuba and Mexico have similar level. Everything is decided the day of competition. The one with better results that day owns the prize. We did not expect it in Cali and we did it. That is why the gap is barely perceptible.  


We have not had too much competitions and with new jumps added, I need some competitions as these new additions alter my whole diving program. But the goal was to compete; mistakes should be made in trainings, not in the competition. We are assessing the jumps order because they are complex, six-tenth and five-tenth harder than previous jumps.


Finally, La Tuti regrets that she cannot return to the training camp in Kazan, Russia, due to war. There, she has experienced significant improvements in her diving techniques, while she noted that optimism and ambition prevail among her diving partners.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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