July, the least rainy month in Cuba

July, the least rainy month in Cuba
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1 July 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 1 (ACN) The seventh month of the year is the one that contributes the least rainfall to the rainy period in Cuba that runs from May to October, almost coinciding with the cyclonic season in the geographical area of the tropical Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

A notable increase in the intensity of the Atlantic anticyclone (pressure system) and its influence over the country, causes a significant decrease in rainfall compared to June, explained specialists from the Climate Monitoring Center in their most recent forecast on the matter.

However, they clarified that showers and thunderstorms will occur, mainly during the afternoon and early evening hours, associated with the passage of migratory systems from the tropical zone.

They mentioned the case of including waves, tropical lows and diurnal warming.

However, the experts considered that in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, conditions typical of a La Niña-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event and the persistence of negative (cold) sea surface temperature anomalies are being maintained.

Something similar will happen in its central part, the specialists added, although the beginning of its weakening is foreseen, but it will last at least until the next August - October period.

Based on the output of the models consulted by the Climate Monitoring Center and the criteria of experts, they estimated the total occurrence of precipitation in the standard in the west of 172.4 millimeters, in the center of 139.9 and in the east of 99.4,

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