Iran-Cuba Extraterrestrial Cultivation Getting Momentum

Iran-Cuba Extraterrestrial Cultivation Getting Momentum
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21 February 2024
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Rasool Solgi, the Deputy Director of the Iranian Agricultural Mechanization Development Center, said at a meeting with a Cuban agricultural delegation that given the high capabilities of the agricultural equipment manufacturers and producers of implements, especially machines for tillage, planting and new and modern sprayers, it is possible to export these devices and machines to Cuba.

“These machines should be used in the development of Cuban agriculture. The high quality of the equipment, as well as their reasonable prices as compared to similar European and American products, has made Cuban agricultural officials eager to use the products produced in the Islamic Republic of Iran," the high representative of Cuban agriculture ministry said after visiting the agricultural machines and tillage tools at the international exhibition of agricultural machines in Mashhad.

“There is a possibility of extraterrestrial cultivation in cooperation with mechanization service companies, which is possible in the form of year-long contracts that can be extended,” he went on to say. 

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