International days for peace and against the blockade announced in Cuba

International days for peace and against the blockade announced in Cuba
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1 September 2022
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Havana, September 1 (RHC)-- An international campaign for peace and against the blockade will take place in Cuba from September 2 to October 10.

The initiative will reaffirm the Revolution's commitment to respect for countries' sovereignty and nuclear disarmament, promote solidarity against unjust sanctions, and support the just causes of peoples and political processes that move away from capitalism.

Convened by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and announced by its vice-president, Victor Gaute Lopez, it will pay tribute, on their birth or death anniversaries, to Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Salvador Allende (Chile) and Agostinho Neto (Angola), also to the young Italian victim of a terrorist attack in Havana, Fabio Di Celmo, and to Reverend Lucius Walker.

It will pay tribute to the martyrs of the Cubana airliner bombing in Barbados (October 6, 1976). It will commemorate the 154th anniversary of the Grito de Lares in support of the decolonization of Puerto Rico.

Tamara Velázquez López, director of Communication and Historical Documentary Heritage of the ICAP, said that solidarity organizations worldwide will join the activities held in Cuba.

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