Indian researcher expresses support for Cuba facing US policy

Indian researcher expresses support for Cuba facing US policy
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6 June 2024
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 Vibha Mourya, retired professor of Hispanic studies at the University of Delhi, expressed today her support to the people of Cuba in their resistance to the aggressive policy of the United States.

The researcher of the work of Cuba’s National Hero, José Martí, in a video sent to Prensa Latina, demanded the immediate withdrawal of Cuba from the list created by Washington of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism.

“I am aware that last month Washington acknowledged that Cuba cooperates fully in anti-terrorist efforts, and yet I believe that this does not mean the elimination of this country from the list of nations sponsoring terrorism,” she said, and added that the U.S. government uses this designation as a genocidal tool to strangle the Cuban people.

Together with the Draconian economic blockade, this measure is aimed at paralyzing its economy and thus instigating discouragement among the people, the Indian researcher pointed out.

Mourya emphasized that being a person who lived in Cuba, she knows well the determination of the people of the island to resist and fight against many attempts to disrupt the tranquility and progress of Cuba.

Therefore, she reiterated her solidarity with the brave Cuban people.

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