Important Cuban thermoelectric plant in completion of maintenance work

Important Cuban thermoelectric plant in completion of maintenance work
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16 August 2022
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CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Aug 15 (ACN) The maintenance of unit four of the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE by its Spanish acronym), in the province of Cienfuegos(central Cuba), began today in its final stage to contribute 120 megawatts once it is synchronized to the National Electroenergy System.

Yeranis Zurita Garcia, director of the plant, told the Cuban News Agency that in the afternoon the boiler will be turned on to start up and synchronization will be completed tomorrow.

He pointed out that the process, which began on August 2nd, has gone according to plan and no threat is expected to comply with the designed route.

In two 24-hour shifts, engineers and operators from the industry itself and from the Power Plant Maintenance Company fulfilled the schedule to restore vitality to the most stable plant of its kind in Cuba.

Up to last July, the southern thermoelectric plant had a 146 % generation rate, with a performance 20 % above the national average.

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