Iberian films at Spanish Cultural Week in Cuba

Iberian films at Spanish Cultural Week in Cuba
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6 October 2023
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With the screening Friday of the film "As Bestas" (2022), winner of nine Goya Awards, the Spanish Film Showcase continues to be the main protagonist of the Cultural Week of Spain in Cuba.

This Friday’s agenda also offers the feature film “Cinco Lobitos” (Five Small Wolf Cubs-2022) by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa and the short films “Useless Opera Singers” (2021) by Pablo Serret de Ena and “Chimborazo” (2022) by Kelia Cepeda.

The showcase runs until October 8 and can be seen at “23 y 12” and “Acapulco” movie theaters. The latter expects to screen the film “No mires a los ojos” (Staring at Strangers-2022) by director Félix Viscarret this Friday.

Flamenco singer Argentina and her band, nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2013 and 2015, will perform at Havana Amphitheater on Saturday, October 7, and at Martí Theater on October 9.

The Spanish Cultural Week in Cuba, which runs until October 12, offers a broad program that includes -in addition to films- music, literature, dance, visual arts, theater, and gastronomy to show the historical ties between the two nations.

Spanish Ambassador to Cuba Angel Martin Peccis said the event was conceived around Spain’s National Day, on October 12, and is dedicated to the Cuban people, the societies and entrepreneurs of both countries, and to the Spanish Cubans.

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