Holguín: Capital of Young Art in Cuba

Holguín: Capital of Young Art in Cuba
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5 May 2022
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With the opening parade of participants, the ascent of the city ax to Loma de la Cruz, the opening of Destrabando la Trova and other events, Romerías de Mayo event begin, with several activities carried out by young artists, in Holguin, Cuba.


Following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the letter of introduction of the Romerías de Mayo reaffirms it as a true festival of colors and cultural expressions that combine tradition and modernity, from this city, for Cuba and the world.


The nickname of the World Festival of Artistic Youth is reinforced by the hustle and bustle experienced during the first day of this XXIX edition, since being dedicated to Young Art, that motivation impregnated the parade and opening gala that later ended with the carrying of the Axe, symbol of Holguín, to the iconic Loma de la Cruz.


The variety in the program forces tireless participants, foreigners, and the people in general to allot some activities, because each of the proposals is attractive and the May Pilgrimages are established as a range of artistic manifestations that find their space in museums, clubs, cinemas, theaters, universities, vulnerable communities, the famous Holguin parks and much more.


Fernando Cabreja Garcell, renowned singer-songwriter from Holguin, performed at "Destrabando la trova" together with the young Erick Méndez and Rey Montalvo on the first day of the festival, a space that will also feature the presence of Nelson Valdés, Yeni Turiño, Yatsel Rodríguez, and other exponents of this Cuban song genre.


The Memory of Our Thought Congress, considered the backbone of the event, marked the rendezvous and starting point with the opening lecture by José Abreu Cardet, National History Award 2018, to trigger the dialogue on Cuban culture in the digital media.


Despite the afternoon rain, the town gathered at Calixto García park to enjoy presentations by Juntarte, a project of the Hermano Saíz Association that is committed to a more inclusive creative approach.


Later, the photographic exhibition Matria, by Gabriel Dávalos, was inaugurated in the same park and from there the author himself shared the motivations for materializing the exhibition that includes nearly 20 images starring the Codanza Company, the streets, buildings and everyday life of this eastern city.


The socio-cultural event that runs until May 8th pays tribute to the 65th anniversary of the assassination of the brothers Sergio and Luis Saíz Monte de Oca, a festival of colors and artistic manifestations that promises to be just as attractive and interesting on its second day.

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