History of cocktail industry to be discussed in Cuba

History of cocktail industry to be discussed in Cuba
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21 September 2023
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A workshop by experts will be held in Cuba to investigate the history of the cocktail industry in the country and its link with tourism, authorities from the sector said.

The aim is to study in depth the history of cocktails and molecular mixology (chemical techniques when preparing drinks), currently in vogue for presentations and meetings related to the travel industry.

In this regard, spokespersons said that in order to improve the academic training of Cuban cooks, bartenders and sommeliers, the Gran Aston Hotel in Havana will be the venue of the 43rd Workshop on Science, Technique and Innovation in Gastronomy on September 29.

The event will be attended by professors, experts and members of the DALÍ Mixology Project and representatives of the Training Center (CCM) of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), the Institute of Pharmacy and Food (IFAL) of the University of Havana, and the Association of Cuban Bartenders (ACC).

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