Havana authorities review high-priority tasks in the capital

Havana authorities review high-priority tasks in the capital
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11 May 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, May 10 (ACN) The Temporary Working Group of Havana headed by Luis Antonio Torres Iribar, first secretary of the Party in the capital, checked on Tuesday tasks related to the actions in the Saratoga Hotel and the attention to people and families affected.

The search for three workers still missing under the rubble of the Saratoga Hotel continues to be a top priority.

The permanent attention to the families who lost loved ones in the unfortunate event or have injured relatives, and to those evacuated for having lost their homes, as well as the delivery of donations of food and other products, is also a top priority.

During the meeting, the progress of the assurance or organizational work was checked in order to start immediately the construction of new houses or buildings for the families whose houses were affected, and the repair or rescue of those damaged social buildings.

Likewise, Torres Iribar and Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, provincial governor, insisted on the care and protection of the property of the affected families.

The first secretary of the Party in Havana acknowledged once again how hard and uninterruptedly work is being done at the Saratoga Hotel, in the search for bodies and in the removal of rubble, work that is not without risk.

There must be good care for those mobilized there, among them rescuers, firemen, builders, combatants of the ministry of the interior and workers of other organizations and entities, he emphasized.

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