Happiness is just three steps away

Happiness is just three steps away
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31 January 2024
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With the usual enthusiasm triggered by the new year, which includes a strong hangover, one that comes hand in hand with celebration, from a bench in Villalón park, a very woman in her fifties saw another woman passing by who looked much younger, dressed in a sport outfit and rushed and, with that impetus that I tell you, she shouted:

Laurita, happy new year my girl! Her voice came out with decibels that seemed incompatible with her physiognomy. The girl, without hardly stopping, responded: Oh Yane, who can be happy with how bad things are!

"Well, me," she shouted again as if Laurita was within reach of the answer and, immediately, she told me: people have become rude. What's wrong, no one will make my day miserable... She was going to continue when a little girl arrived at full speed on skates, with big eyes and golden curls: Aunt, I love you, she said with a hug and continued circling the fountain.

That was like a boost to her: “I couldn't have children, my brother has 3, this is the youngest. Things could get very bad, but as long as she does these things to me, there is no one who will take away my happiness. People don't know how to be happy, it's so easy... the other day I was reviewing the class content with my nephew, and I made him write a paragraph about happiness, because I want them to learn what happiness is. I told him that the title should be “Happiness is just Three Steps away.” And he, who wasn't up to it, starts asking questions to bother me: but ant steps or elephant steps? In tennis shoes or heels? And I said, well, that's up to you…”

I know that this stranger had much more to tell me, but finally my son arrived with the house key and I said goodbye wishing her all the happiness in the world this year. She answered me smiling, that's for sure, because I do my three steps on skates, like the girl.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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