German city hosts photographic exhibition dedicated to Cuba

German city hosts photographic exhibition dedicated to Cuba
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13 September 2021
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Berlin, Sep 13 (Prensa Latina) The city of Schwerte, in western Germany, is hosting today, and until September 24th, the photographic exhibition 8001, dedicated to Cuba and its people.
Arranged by the Cuba-Hilfe Dortmund solidarity group, the exhibition brings together works by German photographer Dietmar Sebastian Fischer and Cuban Antonio Hernandez, who coincided in Havana in 2019.

From the encounter between the two artists was born the idea of the exhibition, whose title refers to the kilometers that separate the two cities.

The head of Cuba's diplomatic office in Bonn, Yamari Perez, thanked the organization of the exhibition, and acknowledged the support of the friendship group to the Cuban Revolution.

Likewise, the diplomat assured that the solidarity of that organization is of great importance in the current circumstances, marked by the tightening of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade and the US aggressions against Cuba.

The exhibition was visited by German students and professors who traveled to Cuba in 2019 to participate in the first academic exchange between high school students from both countries.

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