Fourth day of confrontation to a fire of great proportions in Cuba

Fourth day of confrontation to a fire of great proportions in Cuba
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9 August 2022
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Matanzas, Cuba, Aug 9 (Prensa Latina) The fourth day of confrontation to the fire in the Supertanker Base of this provincial capital began with the return of the helicopters that pour water in the area of the fire.

They are Revolutionary Air Force aircrafts carrying a kind of basket with 2,500 liters of water collected in the bay of Matanzas, where the largest fuel storage and transfer facility of the Caribbean island is located.

The wind is blowing with less speed which could help the operations of Cuban, Mexican and Venezuelan firefighters and experts united to try to put an end to this fire of great proportions.

Alexander Avalo, second chief of the Fire Brigade, said the day before, high temperatures, smoke, poor visibility and the strength of the wind have prevented the bombardment with foam and other chemical products of what they call here the hot zone.

Health authorities indicated that there are no reports of any effects on the population due to the smoke cloud that persists and extends to the west.

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