FM Bruno Rodríguez thanks Colombia´s support for Cuba

FM Bruno Rodríguez thanks Colombia´s support for Cuba
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10 February 2023
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Havana, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Friday thanked Colombia for its strong support for Cuba to be excluded from the US list of states sponsor of terrorism.

On Twitter, the Cuban foreign minister posted: “Cuba is grateful for your words, dear Vice President Francia Márquez. Our country should have never been included in that arbitrary list. The Cuban people have been victims of terrorism and have always promoted peace”.

On Friday, the Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez, who is presently paying an official visit to Cuba, expressed her strong support for the withdrawal of Cuba from that unilateral list, a US measure to further tighten its hostile blockade imposed on Cuba for over 60 years.

In this regard, VP Márquez expressed that ¨It is not fair that a country like Cuba, which has contributed so much to Colombia´s peace-building process, is included in a list of states sponsor of terrorism¨.

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